Finally earn rewards for all that stuff you like to do, like shopping, sharing, and doing good for the earth.

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How It Works


Join The Collective and start earning.


Get points every time you shop, share, or do something good for the earth.


Redeem points for exclusive discounts, free shipping, and early access to new stuff.
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How it Works



Join The Collective and start earning.


Get points every time you shop, share, or do something good for the earth.


Redeem points for exclusive discounts, free shipping, and early access to new stuff.

Ways to Score Points

Go Green, Earn More

Level up to unlock more perks. More is more, you know?


Points Multiplier

Free Shipping

NEW! Free Returns

Early Access to New Stuff

Exclusive Seasonal Deals

Limited Edition Product Access

Gift Upon Entering Tier

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Redeem for Discounts

They’re yours, spend ‘em. Apply your points for
a discount at checkout, enjoy your new gear.
100 Points = $10
250 Points = $25
500 Points = $50
100 Points = $10
250 Points = $25
500 Points = $50


  • How do I join?+

    We’re glad you asked. Simply sign up here and start earning points today.
    If you already have an account — sweet. Just sign in to access your rewards

  • What do I get for joining?+

    Aside from our unconditional friendship, you’ll receive 25 points instantly upon sign up. As you earn more, you’ll become eligible for things like free shipping, early access, and exclusive gifts. Ooh.

  • I have points in two (or more) accounts. Can I combine accounts?+

    Only one email address per account is allowed (no merging accounts or transferring points, sorry). So only checkout using the email address associated with your account, even if it’s your old embarrassing one from middle school.

  • What does “lifetime spend” mean?+

    This is the total amount you’ve spent on to date. As you spend more, you’ll unlock new tiers.

  • Will my past purchases count toward my Girlfriend status?+

    That’s the best part — all of your past un-returned purchases will count towards your lifetime spend and point balance in your account. Your points don't expire, but any points earned from returned purchases will be deducted from your lifetime spend amount.

    Please note that any orders made before September 2019 will count towards your lifetime spend amount but will not be in your redeemable point balance.

  • How do I redeem my points for a discount?+

    First, remember to log into your account. At checkout, you’ll have the option to redeem your points. Just select the discount you want to apply to your order, then click “Apply.” Voila.

  • Is there a limit on the number of points I can redeem per order?+

    You can use up to 750 points (or $75) per order.

  • Can I use all my discounts at once?+

    Sorry, we don’t allow code stacking in a single order.

  • What happens to my points when I make a return?+

    If you used a points discount on an order, those points will be returned to your redeemable point balance within 24-48 hours of your refund being processed. Please note that while you will receive your points back to your account, your lifetime spend will go down.

    If you purchase multiple items in a single order, your points are divided equally across each item. If you return a portion of the order and keep the rest, you will only be refunded the amount of points that were applied to the returned portion.

  • I was recently Jade/Sage and now I dropped down a tier?+

    Sounds like you might have made a return that lessened your lifetime spend. We automatically add points to your account when you make a purchase — while that means you don’t have to wait for points, it also means if you’ve returned something, your lifetime spend will go down, which might bring you down a tier.

  • My reward covers more than my order value, will I receive the remaining points back?+

    No, if you apply any points (100 points for $10 off, 250 points for $25 off, 500 points for $50 off, 750 points of $75 off) to an order, all of those points will be used up. We recommend waiting until your order value is greater than or equal to the points/discount you’re hoping to use.

  • How do I Refer a Friend?+

    Easy, just sign up here and start sharing your personalized link with friends. Once they use your link they’ll receive a discount code to get $10 off their first purchase of $95 or more (excluding shipping, taxes, and returns), and 30 days after they buy, you’ll get an email with a code for a free pair of leggings.

    You can also track your referrals towards the bottom of your account page. ;)

  • How does #goodjobgf work?+

    #goodjobgf is our initiative to get Girlfriends doing good. Tag us in an IG of yourself wearing Girlfriend and doing something good for the earth using the hashtag #goodjobgf earn 100 points for each one.*

    What counts: Volunteering your time to a charitable organization, plogging (picking up track while jogging), cleaning up your local park/beach/neighborhood, planting trees.

    What doesn’t count: Daily recycling (you do that anyway, right?), taking out your own trash, paid work — volunteers only, please!, refusing plastic (i.e. utensils or single-use water bottles. While this is an awesome practice, we should all be doing this in our daily lives anyway, so it doesn’t count for this.

  • Got it? Now go do some good?+

    *Please note we cannot see posts on private accounts. If you’re private, please DM us a screenshot of your post to qualify for points. Since we’ll be uploading these manually, please note #goodjobgf points will be updated once a month.

    Check out our page here to see what kinds of posts count!

  • I haven’t received a Review Request email.+

    Ah, this one’s a bit complex. You may not have gotten a Review Request for any of the following reasons: We’ve reached the limit. The maximum number of review request emails we can send you through our email provider within 30 days is 5. If we’ve sent you too many emails, you won’t receive that Review Request.

    If you’ve already reviewed the same product in the past 12 months.

    If you received 3 Review Request emails asking to review the same product.