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Half recycled.

Half organic.

Fully cute and comfy. 

Don't Sweat It

We made our Sweatsuits with the highest quality, softest and most sustainable fabric we could find. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

recycled cotton

In the US alone, 15 million tons of textile waste enter landfills annually, including perfectly good fabric scraps from cutting room floors. Thanks to a technology called Texloop™, we can now turn some of that waste into yarn for new products.

organic cotton

Organic cotton gives our Sweatsuits a more substantial and luxurious feel. Organic cotton still uses water and land to grow, but it restricts the use of chemicals, pesticides and insecticides. Phew, that stuff’s gross anyway.


We strive for full circularity for our products, but we haven’t found a good option for recycling cotton. Until we find a solution (trust us, we’re looking), we make sure our sweats are completely biodegradable and last you a long, long time.

5 colors. 4 styles.

So many ways to wear.

Jessie wears a L Top, L bottom

Arame wears a M top, L bottom

Ryan wears a XL top, XL bottom

Alex wears a S top, S bottom

Classic Sweatshirt

A true classic with a vintage fit and feel. Thank goodness sweats are now fully acceptable as real clothes.

Ryan is wearing Classic Sweatshirt in Forest (XL) and Float Bike Shorts in Fern (XL)

Cropped Sweatshirt

High-waist bottoms, meet the Cropped Sweatshirt. We’ll let you two take it from here.

Arame is wearing Cropped Sweatshirt in Pistachio (M) and Classic Jogger in Pistachio (L)

Classic Hoodie

So cozy, so cute, so sustainable. Yeah, you might not want to let your friends “borrow” this.

Alex is wearing Classic Hoodie in Ecru (XL) and FLOAT Bike Shorts in Fig (S)

Classic Jogger

Oversized or true to size, scrunched up or rolled down. You wear the pants in this relationship.

Jessie is wearing Paloma Bra in Moss (L), Classic Sweatshirt in Mauve (L), Classic Jogger in Mauve (L)

Sweat Style

Arame is wearing Classic Hoodie in Canyon (M) and Classic Jogger in Canyon (L)

Arame is wearing Bike Unitard in Moss (M), Track Pant in Moss (L), and Classic Sweatshirt in Forest (M)

Alex is wearing Cropped Sweatshirt in Canyon (S), FLOAT Leggings 23 3'4" Inseam in Fern (S), and Please Recycle Quarter Crew Socks in Mocha (OS)

Alex is wearing Classic Hoodie in Canyon (S), Classic Joggers in Mauve (S), and Please Recycle Socks Quarter Crew in Mocha (OS)

Jessie is wear Cropped Sweatshirt in Ecru (L) and Classic Jogger in Ecru (L)

Jessie is wearing Hummingbird Half-Zip in Black (L), and Classic Jogger in Ecru (L)

Ryan is wearing Cropped Sweatshirt in Mauve (XL), Classic Jogger in Mauve (XL), and Please Recycle Quarter Crew Socks in Mocha (OS)

Ryan is wearing Paloma Bra in Ivory (XL) and Classic Jogger in Forest (XL)

Compared to conventional cotton, our Sweatsuit fabric saves roughly 225 gallons of water per pound of fabric produced. Just think — those savings are equivalent to the amount of water a person drinks for over a year.

Find Your

Comfort Zone

We photographed each of our campaign muses in their element, doing what they love, with the people and projects they love. Their work, passions and backgrounds vary, showing us that often our “comfort zones” look a little different to everyone.

Black Rose Running Club



BLACK ROSES NYC is a creative collective based on the pursuit of personal excellence via group training at the intersection of endurance sports and street culture.

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Diane Chang

Cook & Writer



Diane Chang is a cook and writer from Los Angeles, now living in between NYC and Mexico. Her ongoing food project and business, Po-Po's (which means “grandma” in Chinese), is centered around her family's Taiwanese and Sichuanese traditions and grandmother's wellness philosophies.

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Helena Barquet & Fabiana Faria

Owners of Coming Soon



Helena and Fabiana founded Coming Soon, a furniture design and gift shop founded in 2013 right at the intersection of New York’s Lower East Side and Chinatown. Here they curate, create and sell beautifully designed things for the home. They take a collaborative approach to their store, which allows them to source, fine-tune and experiment in ways traditional retail stores cannot.

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Jessica Gonsalves

Co-owner & Co-founder of Procell Vintage



Procell is a destination boutique in the Bowery neighborhood of downtown Manhattan that carries a unique mix of vintage streetwear, sportswear and designer ready-to-wear. For over a decade, its founders, Brian Procell and Jessica Gonsalves, have professionally sourced vintage reference and inspiration for many of the industry’s top fashion designers and brands.

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Mocha Please Recycle Crew Socks

Kai Avent de-Leon

Founder of Sincerely, Tommy



Brooklyn native Kai Avent-deLeon combines a passion for her community with a love for concept-driven independent design. Her boutique brings a new type of shop and customer to Bed-Stuy and serves as a way for her community to connect to its roots, support local artists, and be introduced to smaller brands.

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Zenat Begum & Playground Youth Team

Owner of Playground Coffee

Entrepreneur & Community Organizer



Zenat Begum is a native New Yorker, owner of Playground Coffee Shop, founder of Playground Youth, and an alumni of The New School. In 2018, she started Playground Youth, her 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides accessible programming for the community members. Zenat’s vast body of work centers around people of color, marginalized bodies, the arts, and community engagement in order to foster change in a shapeshifting and gentrifying Bed-Stuy.

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