Girlfriend to Girlfriend

Girlfriend to Girlfriend

Our new initiative that supports our community and what it cares most. We'll partner with girlfriends and small businesses who have been affected — they'll create content you'll love and we'll pay them directly or donate to their charity of choice.

Summer Orchard

Julianna Salguero

Julianna is a creative in San Francisco. She is a stylist, songwriter, and passionate believer in body positivity. She is also in a band with her sister and performs around the Bay.

Kristian James

Kristian is the founder of a social wellness community club called These Twenty Somethings, which is for Black and Brown women in their twenties who seek guidance and support through their personal growth journeys. She’s a creative soul with many passions who believes that knowledge, if applied appropriately, is true power.

Naomi Corti

Naomi is a dancer with New York City Ballet. Currently, she is self-quarantining with her family in Malibu after her entire 2020 season with NYCBALLET was cancelled. She has spent most of her days dancing in her home, teaching ballet and learning.

Sanjana Sekhar

Senjana is a filmmaker and regenerative communicator passionate about stories rooted at the intersection of nature and culture. Her work seeks to elevate reimaginings that can heal our human relationships to each other and to our planet. Sanjana is also the recent co-founder of Sapling Collective, a professional group promoting interdisciplinary, cross-industry co-production in sustainability, environmental justice, and regenerative culture.

Romina Estrada

Romina is a 17-year-old Mexican-American fashion and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles. In the future, she plans to direct movies and become a foster mom.

Timmi Sophia Ramos

Timmi Sophie is a Latina Trans Woman from Brownsville, Texas, who dreams of working in the fashion and beauty industry. Having battled Leukemia and undergone a stem cell transplant, she is inspired to experience life to its fullest by finding love, enjoying career success, being another role model in her niece’s life and continuing to watch herself grow and heal.


Amerra Webster
Amerra is a Climate Change Policy Fellow dedicated to incorporating sustainable practices into government operations.
Dana Boulos
Dana is a director and photographer based in LA who we had scheduled for an upcoming shoot. Instead of cancelling it, we gave her the option of photographering herself.
Joy Newell
A freelance photographer, writer, poet and photographer whose work celebrates beauty and humanity.
Lina Miyakawa
Lina is a New York based doctor who splits her time working in the intensive care unit and caring for patients with acute and chronic lung conditions. She photographed herself and we donated on her behalf to the Bowery Mission, a shelter that serves the homeless and hungry in New York.
Rosalia & James Kim
Rosalia and James are the parents to Girlfriend's own Art Director, Diana. They met 35 years ago on a blind date and settled down in the Bay Area where they ran a "pretty viral" martial arts business. Yes, they both have black belts.

Bike Unitard
& The Skort

Abby McIntosh
Abby is a copywriter in New York who helps fashion and beauty brands find their unique point of view.
Andrea Ámez
Andrea is a holistic esthetician specializing in skin care, facial treatments and green beauty makeup application.
Beryl Toka
In addition to being a freelance designer, Beryl owns a small business that sells curated home goods and accessories.
Sera Sloane

Sera is a queer artist and hairstylist that specializes in undone hair and a fun, connected client experience. She has private word of mouth salons in both LA and NYC and is obsessed with love, new wave music and psychics.

Tara Thomas

Tara is a plant-based chef, foodie activist and model. Her vision is to create the future of food and to pave a path towards a healthy, peaceful world through eating.

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