The Monroe Bra
on three different women

A sustainable sports bra with a stylish zipper front? Sign us up. Check out what three of our girlfriends have to say about the fit and features below.

Carmen's Fit Notes

Carmen is 5’ 9", has a 40" bust, 31" waist, and 48" hips, and is wearing our XL bra and L legging.

This is the kind of bra you’d wear to flirt with hotties at the gym.

How She Likes It

I really love the zipper and how the cut was low, but not so deep that there’s a possibility of a boob flying out on a treadmill.

Where She Wears It

I would wear this bra with a regular outfit just to go out because it makes your boobs look amazing.

Oh, Yeah, And…

The straps adjust really well.