Ethically made essentials in sizes XXS-6XL.
Let's Talk Trash

Let's Talk Trash

Trash looks better on you than it does polluting the planet. That’s why we turn old plastic bottles, fishing nets and other waste into bras, leggings and shorts you’ll never want to throw away.

Let's Talk Trash

Girlfriend Impact

There’s a lot of trash out there. By choosing Girlfriend, you help divert waste from landfills and support an ethical work environment for the people who make your clothes. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done together so far in 2021.

  • 5,089,471 water bottles recycled
  • 4,906,822 lbs of CO2 prevented
  • 9,279,262 gallons of water saved

Close the Loop

Not only do we make our clothes from recycled materials, we take back your old Girlfriend pieces to turn them into brand new Girlfriend pieces. (None of that downcycling business.) We’re already used to making new stuff out of old stuff. Now we’re making new stuff out of old stuff....out of old stuff.

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Close The Loop

Rips, red wine stains or just ready to part ways? Send us your old Girlfriend pieces to be recycled and get a $15 site credit.

Looks better on you

A bunch of old water bottles have never looked so good.

GF Swim

Swim for doing whatever you want as long as you're wearing sunscreen.